We are a Spanish Company, with entirely Cantabrian capital, founded in 1955 by the Cobo brothers, whose last name gives the Company its name. Our headquarters are located in the Cantabrian municipality of Guarnizo, in the north of Spain, just 5 kilometers from the port of Santander.

At COBO we are dedicated to the manufacture, repair and sale of tanker trucks and semi-trailers for the transport of goods, being national leaders in the production of tankers for the transport of petroleum products.

There have been many advances that we have propelled within our sector in our country, such as the manufacture of heat-insulated aluminum tanks for liquid asphalt, which allowed in its day to replace the traditional transport of the product in drums, which meant a whole advance for the sector of the time.

Cobo is founded

The brothers Pedro and Federico Cobo found “Talleres Cobo Hermanos” (Cobo Brothers Workshop”) in a small mechanical workshop in Guarnizo.

Own design and manufacturing

Cobo begins to design and manufacture its first vehicles, completely in aluminium, so becoming one of the most modern companies in the automobile sector at that time.

The plant is extended

As the demand for the vehicles is high, Cobo finds itself having to extend its plant, and becomes a reference in the sector.

The APTV model is born

A model for the transport of light petroleum products, which is still used even today thanks to its robustness and durability.

Entering international markets

Portugal becomes the first country to which Cobo exports its first units.

From the APTV model to the new SPA model

This new model brings together the best design, aesthetic, and functional qualities on the market, making it the most complete and most modern at this moment.

Destination: Europe

Cobo carries out its first market research to place its tanks in Ireland, England, Germany, and France.

Cobo’s icon: The SOA model

The SOA model comes out, and very soon makes its mark on the European scene.

Cobo UK is born

The powerful British market is very attractive, which is why Cobo UK is born, through a Joint Venture with the company H.D.E, based in Castleford.


Cobo continues its expansion with agreements such as the one signed with the Greek company E&E Alexiadou.

The new plant is opened

Over 10,000 m2 of surface area for manufacturing and creating technology means that Cobo becomes one of the leaders in its sector.

The opening of the maintenance and repair centre

Over 2,700 m2 to provide after-sales and repairs services for our clients.

Northern Africa

An agreement is signed with the Moroccan company group “El Hamss” for Cobo to commercialise and offer after-sales service in Morocco.

LPG tanks

We are pioneers in Spain in creating a new line for the manufacturing of tank vehicles to transport Liquid Petroleum Gas.

Commercial agreement with Portugal

Once again we return to the Portuguese market hand in hand with the local company “Roques”.

Cobo UK is now CTS

We take over the full management of our branch in the United Kingdom, and the name becomes Cobo Tankers & Services Ltd.

Covid19 Pandemic

As an exporting business, we manage to maintain our activity with practically no stopping of production.


After two years of work, we launch our first cryogenic tank for the transportation of Natural Gas for Vehicles


Currently, we have one of the most modern plants on the international scene for the manufacture of tank vehicles. Within this new factory, there has been a firm commitment to key issues such as organization and efficiency, R&D&i, personal safety, process rationalization and commitment to the environment.

60 years later, thanks to the work and professionalism of our Human Team, we are one of the longest-standing and most expert companies in the sector. Currently, the Business Management of COBO is represented by Mr. Federico Cobo San Miguel and Mr. Fernando Gomis Galán.