Dish Ends

Along with their tankers, COBO also offers a wide range of complementary products and services related to their sector.

Alongside the national company IANUS, COBO has developed a procedure to manufacture and commercialise exterior and interior linings, which combine beading with hydr-forming.

This process, which is at the forefront of innovation on a worldwide scale, is one of the company’s latest advances in I+D+i. Using this process, and in one single operation, linings can be made with a perfect dish end flange finish, a more homogeneous distribution, with no differences in the geometry of the piece, and an exact, totally equal, perimeter. Hardening through cold working is also achieved, as is versatility of the sections: circular, elliptical, oval, etc. Likewise, materials such as aluminium, carbon steel, stainless steel, and other non-ferrous alloys, can be used.

Press of Fondos Cisternas Cobo