COBO is a Spanish company, and only capital from its home region, Cantabria, is used. It was founded in 1955 by the Cobo brothers, who lend their name to the company. Its main office is found in the Cantabrian municipality of Guarnizo, in the north of Spain and just 5 kilometres from the Port of Santander.

COBO manufactures, repairs, and sells lorries and semi-trailer tankers for the transportation of goods, and in fact, they are the top manufacturers in Spain in the production of tanks for the transportation of oil. COBO is responsible for many of the breakthroughs that have occurred in this sector in our country, including the manufacturing of thermally insulated aluminium to transport liquid asphalt, which was a big step forward within the sector in its day as it replaced the traditional method of transporting the product in drums.

COBO currently has one of the most modern tanker manufacturing plants in the world where it can be seen clearly that the company values key concepts such as organization and efficiency, R+D+i, personal health and safety, process rationalization, and a deep commitment to the environment.

After 60 years, thanks to the hard work and the professionalism of the workers, they are one of the oldest and most experienced companies in this sector. Mr. Federico Cobo San Miguel and Mr Fernando Gomis Galán are the current managing directors of this company