COBO has opted for an open R+D+i strategy that is in line with their corporate strategy. The current global market has set them the challenge of being innovative and able to offer products with a proven quality and which evolve in order to meet the customers’ requirements. This is why their work processes encourage research, development and innovation, with the aim of improving their products, being able to offer their customers an added value, and being more competitive.

Their entire manufacturing process is a true reflection of their firm commitment to R+D+i. To this end, they have developed a modular production process, so that the vehicles are conceived as a set of different parts. This means that the tankers can be manufactured on their premises and assembled in another. As long as the conditions are appropriate, they currently send vehicles at different stages of finishing to customers in other countries, and the assembly is completed at the customer’s own factory.

All the designs and production systems are protected by the corresponding International Patent PCT.