Partnership engineering

Along with their tankers, COBO also offers a wide range of complementary products and services related to their sector.

COBO counts on their customers’ experiences to improve their tankers. Likewise, they realise that the help their suppliers provide is invaluable too, with the high quality technology they supply, and collaborating in the development of their products. COBO is a pioneer in developing new solutions alongside other manufacturers. For example, the joint engineering projects between COBO and their suppliers of axles and suspension has meant that each party takes on different responsibilities at the post-sales stage. Thanks to this joint engineering project, the axle assembly incorporates solutions to problems and thus advantages over the competition.

Another example of a collaborative partnership is the case of COBO working alongside the Spanish company LOCATEL to develop their own sealing and positioning system to be installed in tankers for the road transport of hazardous goods, as was required by a customer.